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Botje is our virtual guide that lets you do what you want. Along the way, the Botje tells you more about the theme, the city and also gives away the best tips.

How does it work?

  1. You choose which neighborhood or theme you would like to discover.

  2. After payment you will immediately receive all information in your mailbox. You can start right away, but you can also do it later. Anytime you want. Bot is always ready.

  3. For the walk you need Messenger or Instagram , a smartphone with mobile internet* that is fully charged. 

  4. In the email you will receive all instructions where to start.  You can get an idea of the route below via the plans.

  5. Go out and enjoy.  On the way you get great tips where you can drink, eat or shop. Need more ideas? Then check our blog .

  6. Botje asks you, but feel free to let us know what you think!

*No mobile internet? Then go through all the steps and charge everything in advance on your smartphone via a WiFi connection. You will miss a part of the experience, but you will have all the information with you.

Still want to test?

Which can! Scan the QR code below or click here and get a taste of the Street Baz'Art walking tour.


At the end of this walk you can continue the entire walk (after purchase).

Would you also like to receive the route and tips from Brussels , please leave your email address. You get all the info right away!

Download here! You will also receive everything via email.


Botje's themes 

Street Baz'Art Center

Street Art in the streets of Brussels. Ideal for those who already know Brussels, but also for those who are still relatively unknown.  It is an ideal combination between the attractions and the smaller streets around it.  We supplement the walk with background information about the city. 

START | Café Walvis 

END | Near Grote Markt

2 hours | 3 km

Street Baz'Art for children

The shorter version tailored to children from primary school. Here we walk more in the tourist center and discover Street Art in the vicinity of Manneke and Jeanneke Pis, the Grote Markt and the surrounding area. If the children are +14 years old, we recommend the other Street Art.


START | Exchange building

END | fish market

2 hours | 2 km

The Highlights

Here we take a closer look at the classics. Are you unfamiliar with Brussels or do you want to discover the stories of the city, then go for this walk. The focus is mainly on the history of the city, which is presented in a pleasant way.  Neighborhood around the Grote Markt, Vismarkt, Sint-Goriks,...


START | Large market

END | Galleries of Saint Hubert

2 hours | 3 km

Schermafbeelding 2021-02-15 om 13.31.56.
Schermafbeelding 2021-02-15 om 15.16.33.
Schermafbeelding 2021-02-15 om 15.19.32.

Bars in BXL

Theme here are the cafes in Brussels. We choose a number of well-known institutions as well as a few locations where many locals stay.


START | Exchange building

END | fish market

2 hours | 3 km


Meet some enterprising women in Brussels.  We walk from high to low and discover a different side of the city.


START | Little Sablon

END | Channel

2 hours | 5 km

Highlights for kids

Coming soon!

Schermafbeelding 2021-02-15 om 15.16.33.


Our Bones en français

Our Bones in English

They recommend Botje


The online community for parents, with a love for Brussels. They recently published a " Parentfriendly city guide Brussels " where we got a nice spot.

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Schermafbeelding 2022-03-28 om 15.49.37.png
Schermafbeelding 2021-03-30 om 08.45.14.png
Schermafbeelding 2022-03-28 om 16.00.59.png

Hoe werkt het?



  1. Je kiest zelf weJe kiest zelf welke wijk of thema je graag wilt ontdekken.lke wijk of thema je graag wilt ontdekken.

  2. Na betaling krijg je meteen alle info in je mailbox. Je kan meteen starten maar later kan ook. Wanneer je maar wilt. Botje staat altijd paraat.

  3. Voor de wandeling heb je Messenger of Instagram nodig, een smartphone met mobiel internet* die volledig is opgeladen. 

  4. In het mailtje krijg je alle instructies waar je start.  Een idee van de route krijg je hieronder via de plannetjes.

  5. Ga op stap én geniet.  Onderweg krijg je leuke tips waar je iets kan drinken, eten of shoppen. Nog meer ideetjes nodig? Check dan onze blog.

  6. Botje vraagt het je zelf, maar laat ons gerust weten wat je ervan vond!

*Geen mobiel internet? Doorloop dan even alle stappen en laad zo alles via een wifi-connectie op voorhand op je smartphone. Je mist zo wel een deel van de beleving maar zal wel alle info meehebben.

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