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ven. 12 mai


START | Voor het Herman Teirlinckgebouw


Discover Brussels in a different way, and bump into a lot of nice murals.

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12 mai 2023, 14:00 – 16:00

START | Voor het Herman Teirlinckgebouw, Havenlaan 86c, 1080 Brussel, België


We start with the touristic area on and around the Grand Place. We give you some background information about the highlights but will focus on the Street Art. Here you will see a lot of interventions such as small statues of Isaac Cordal, stencil art from Jaune and Edward von Longus and some more.  We visit the Grand Place, Royal Galleries, area around the Stock Exchange Building, Jeanneke Pis,... Next stop around Saint-Catherines, an area with a lot of restaurants and bars. Off course, we will overload you with the best tips!  But also a lot of street art can be found here. The Invador, Jaune, Oak Oak, Radical Playground,...  We visit the area around Saint-Catherine, visit the Grand Hospice where there is a nice garden and show you some other hidden spots! We will flirt with the borders of the Brussels city center and Molenbeek. In this area we will see most of the illegal works along the Canal. An interesting part that is a must see in one of the emerging area's of Brussels. Mainly murals but also a lot of stickers and stencils. Place Saint-Géry is know for its lively terraces. But in the streets around there is again a lot of street art to be found. We walk in the small streets around this spot and threat you with even more street art.   Mr. Doodle, Anthea Missy or CNN colour up the streets. As highlights you will see the Saint-Géry hall, Zinneke Pis (our peeing dog). At last we visit the area of Saint-Jacques where we see more little statues and the most famous peeing statue of the world.  If the groups has visited the Manneke before we will adapt our itinerary a bit, to show you more non-touristic places!


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