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GRL PWR Sablon and Marolles - Guaranteed!
GRL PWR Sablon and Marolles - Guaranteed!

Sun, 09 Feb


Kleine Zavel, entrance Regentschapslaan

GRL PWR Sablon and Marolles - Guaranteed!

Focus on enterprising women in the Sablon and Marollenwijk.

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09 Feb 2020, 13:00 – 15:00

Kleine Zavel, entrance Regentschapslaan, Petit Sablon, 1000 Brussels, Belgium



We look for enterprising women in Brussels and tell the stories behind women and their activity. Discover the city in a different way and who knows, you might hear the women speak for themselves. An inspiring walk!

The combination of these two neighborhoods is also recommended. There is still a strong contrast between the richer Sablon and the now somewhat more alternative Marolles.

Practical information

Duration: 2h00

Price: 20 € (drink included)

Languages: Dutch or English (some ladies mainly speak French, but we are happy to translate)

We start at Kleine Zavel, already in the park, side Regentschapslaan.

We will end in the Marollenbuurt. And for those who want, we end in a cafe.

Please note that this walk will only take place if at least 6 participants have registered. We will keep you informed of this a few days in advance (6 February 2020 at the latest). As soon as there are 6 of us, we adjust the status to "guaranteed" so that you can see the status yourself.


  • Registration per person

    20 € per person for the walk. You can also pay on site, via the Bancontact app or cash (please provide appropriate).




Delen mag :-)

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