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Well so do we! And we want to pass on that love with enthusiasm.


We do this mainly through our themed walks but different neighbourhoods are also covered.

These themes get our attention: Street Art, GRL PWR ( Entrepreneurial Women), Ecobazaar (sustainability) and beer.  Or meet us in Brussels, Molenbeek, Forest, Schaarbeek or Anderlecht.


Do you find yourself sharing all your Brussels facts with your friends?

Are you curious about what's happening in the city?

Do you immediately throw up a whole list of ideas when people ask you where you can eat something?

Do you enjoy standing in front of a group?​

These are just some of the fun aspects of the job... But there's more!


We are especially looking for guides who can inspire, connect and enthuse. And being able to tell passionately about the city, who like to know where you are leaving, but let the end of the walk depend on the group.


A guide training is not necessary. We think it is more important that you feel comfortable in a group and that you like to tell. The content we provide to you.  En would you like to give your own input and pour your own "sauce" over it? Then you definitely fit here!


As we really want people who breathe Brussels we expect you to live (or have lived) in Brussels.


If you like variety, the start-up mentality and an organization with a lot of enthusiasm and energy, then you've come to the right place.

We like to challenge a bit, and organize seriously enjoyable walks. Seriously, because we know what we're talking about, but we do it in a light-hearted and fun way. Sounds simple, but it's just not.

We are newcomers, so a lot is still possible. 

Sometimes we are still a bit chaotic, although we prefer to call this creative :-).  If you expect a solid structure, you better go elsewhere.

We cannot (yet) offer a full-time job. Are you a freelancer or are you looking for a side income, then that fits well.  We know we work with people and together we look at what is possible.  Our booking system can synchronize with your digital agenda and you decide when you can accept bookings.

The walks are during the week, in the evening and at the weekend.

And you should understand Dutch as all of our documentation is in this language. Google Translate can help of course. 


Then send us an email.  We would love to hear more about your love for Brussels and a little bit about yourself.  

CV is nice, but not required.


Indicate which theme (from Bazaar Trottoir for clarity) or neighborhood inspires you or what you already know something about, what attracts you to the organization and why you could be one of our new guides.   Also state in which languages you feel comfortable.

We will contact you to schedule a coffee and see if there is a job match.  If this is positive, we will prepare you a bit to see if and where adjustments can still be made before placing you in a group.

This can go fast, but you can also take your time.  We do this completely custom.

Any questions?

Contact us by mail ( or 0487 26 70 08.

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