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Online Brassen in Brussels - Virtual Beer Tasting
Online Brassen in Brussels - Virtual Beer Tasting

Sun, 26 Apr


Online Brassen in Brussels

Online Brassen in Brussels - Virtual Beer Tasting

Online beer tasting of a number of Brussels beers. We deliver the selected beers in advance. Call us to find out which packages are still available: 0487267008w

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26 Apr 2020, 19:30 – 20:30

Online Brassen in Brussels



Bazaar Trottoir wants to bring life to the brewery in your home.

How? By making a selection in advance from a number of Brussels beers, having them delivered to your home and then telling all about the brewery and the beer online while we taste together.

We do this together with Charlotte from Brewdelicious who, as a beer sommelier and brewer, knows a lot about beer. She will also tell you which flavors go well with the beer and how best to taste it. Bazaar Trottoir takes you back into the story of the brewery and beers in Brussels.

We keep it light and fun but immediately ensure that you can taste a responsible beer.


This event takes place online , via zoom and we estimate that it will take an hour to an hour and a half. We will be discussing and tasting 3 beers. We also record everything so that you can review it later. If you are unable to attend or if you are unable to taste 3 beers, no problem - afterwards you will receive a link.


We deliver parcels to your door ourselves. For this you can choose what your preferred day is and during the day or in the evening. Pick up is also possible at the Vlaamsepoort or region Zuidstation. Of course we respect the Covid 19 measures here.

  1. 24 bottles - package from En Stoemelings with a selection of beers from Brussels breweries. 24 different bottles.
  2. 6 bottles - pack of 6 different beers
  3. 6 bottles - packs of 3 different beers.
  4. We provide our beers ourselves.

Delivery cost - Region Brussels + 3.5 € | Region Rand (up to 15km around Brussels) + 5 € | Other regions contact us!


  1. Type of beer box
  2. Delivery or collection
  3. We deliver from April 20 - 24!

As soon as you place the order, you will receive all information for the event.


Valérie and Charlotte

Bazaar Sidewalk | Brewdelicious


  • Box of 24 beers - Bac des Amis

    Selection by brewery En Stoemelings. Our 3 selected beers are of course also included in the package once.

  • Package of 6 different beers

    Selection curated by Brewdelicious and Bazaar Trottoir. The 3 beers we discuss are of course supplemented with 3 other discoveries.

  • Package of 2 x 3 beers

    Here you get the beers that we discuss twice. Ideal to share or to redo. If you want to discover other beers, the other box is a more appropriate choice.

    Sold Out
  • Pick up Vlaamsepoort

    Address will be forwarded after order.




Delen mag :-)

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