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Online Brassen in Brussels - Virtual Beer Tasting (1)
Online Brassen in Brussels - Virtual Beer Tasting (1)

Thu, 25 Jun


Online Brassen in Brussels

Online Brassen in Brussels - Virtual Beer Tasting (1)

Online beer tasting of three Brussels beers.

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25 Jun 2020, 19:30 – 23:30

Online Brassen in Brussels


Bazaar Trottoir wants to bring life to the brewery in your home. How? By making a selection in advance from a number of Brussels beers, having them delivered to your home and then telling all about the brewery and the beer online while we taste together.

We do this together with Charlotte from Brewdelicious who, as a beer sommelier and brewer, knows a lot about beer. She will also tell you which flavors go well with the beer and how best to taste it. Bazaar Trottoir takes you back into the story of the brewery and beers in Brussels.

We keep it light and fun but immediately ensure that you can taste a responsible beer.


This event takes place online , via zoom and takes about an hour and a half. We will discuss and taste 3 beers.

If you cannot be there that evening, we will provide you with videos that you can watch afterwards so that you can still taste it with an explanation.


You can choose from several options:

  1. Package of our 3 beers that we will taste + 1 extra.
  2. Pack of 12 beers.
  3. Participation without beers.


You can choose from pick-up in Brussels (Regio Dansaert or South Station) or have it delivered to your door.


  1. Type of beer box
  2. Delivery or collection
  3. We will deliver from Monday 18 May. You can order beer until 17/05 to ensure correct delivery.

As soon as you place the order, you will receive all information for the event.

Schol, Valérie and Charlotte

Bazaar Sidewalk | Brewdelicious


  • Participation without beers

    Here you provide your own beers. Or you can of course participate without consuming alcohol. The selected beers are: Tanteke - En Stoemelings Nord Bliss - Brussels Beer Project Heavy Porter - No Science

  • Package of 4 different beers

    For this you will receive a package of 4 specialty beers and access to the beer tasting (duration 1h30).

  • Package of 12 beers

    Selection curated by Brewdelicious and Bazaar Trottoir. The 3 beers we are discussing are of course supplemented with other discoveries.




Delen mag :-)

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