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The North District, here are our tips!

This district will undergo many transformations in the coming years. Finally, because for a long time this was not the most inspiring neighbourhood in Brussels. In the 1960s, they wanted to build the Manhattan neighbourhood here, an office district that would consist of many high towers and provide plenty of space for cars. Even more so, they wanted two motorways to meet here. Fortunately, it didn't go as fast as that, but still... What you notice here is the monotonous function of the district.


Sometimes it takes a bit of searching to find nice addresses. Here are our tips for places no more than 15 minutes from the North Station.


SANDWICH | Deli Pierre - A bit of a wait, but well worth it.

FRENCH FRIES | Frituur Tabora - just renovated, soon all fryers will get this mirror view.


JAPANESE| Flamingo - Japanese-inspired dishes, but also ordinary sandwiches, with a wide range of delicious drinks. Nice terrace too.

FLATBREAD | La Fourna - Project for and by women where you can find Moroccan or Ethiopian flatbreads with different toppings.

BELGIAN FOOD | Le Corbeau - Ideal for lunch in the afternoon, but you can also dance the night away here. Be sure to try the Gratinated Spaghetti.

HEALTHY | Serra - Have lunch in the indoor garden of the Indigo hotel. Here you will find healthy meals in a green setting.


OUTDOOR | Jardin Hospice - A large indoor garden where you find yourself in an oasis of peace. Or just in a cosy electro atmosphere.

BACK IN TIME | The famous hotels Hotel Esperance and Hotel Metropole let you enjoy the atmosphere of yesteryear.

COSY | Marcelle - One of our favourites for a cocktail. Fantastic setting, nice twists.


FISH | Beaucoup Fish - For a fresh fish dish, this is the place to be. Never been disappointed. However, for small groups.

BELGIAN | Beaucoup Belge - Belgian dishes with a twist. Ideal for large groups.

STAR | Barge - Let us know if you get in because it's not that easy... According to connoisseurs, this is a top restaurant that might one day receive a star.


See here the map where we have indicated even more tips. New addresses are added regularly, so this map will be updated regularly.

Tried something out? Let us know in the comments.

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