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Go out with Botje, our virtual guide.

A virtual guide?

Botje takes you on a tour through Brussels. Here you choose the Brassen walk in Brussels and discover a lot of nice cafes in Brussels.

Botje communicates via Messenger and gives you information about where you are. You choose how much you want to read, whether you want extra stories or not and sometimes you can choose from different directions. In this way Botje adapts to what you prefer to see and discover.

You also get access to a website with even more information about many Brussels cafés, breweries and beers.

Why go out with Botje?

Botje is your ideal guide if you are on your own or with a small group . Botje also has humor and will guide you through the city.

The walk is very interactive , leave the choice to you. Almost as if the guide is adapting to the group.

You can also set the pace yourself, enter where you want, ... And you can do it whenever you want. Botje is very flexible !

How does it work?

  • After payment you will receive a link from us, as well as a document that you can download (automatically).
  • If you want to start the walk, click on this link. You can of course test it in advance.
  • And from then on it goes without saying.

What do you need?

  • A smartphone with Messenger installed (or via Facebook).
  • Mobile Internet
  • Possibly an external charger (highly recommended!)

Any questions?

Ask Botje yourself! Click here or send "Dag Botje" to the Bazaar Sidewalk Messenger.

BAZAAR BOT - Brassen in Brussels

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