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Clearly a neighbourhood where you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping, fine cafes and the best restaurants. We list a few, but of course there are many more.


Lots of cafes here, as you can see on the map.

In the Vlaamsesteenweg, you will find the institute de Monk, where you can not only enjoy a good pint, but also delicious snacks or a tasty spaghetti.

The Roskam has good wine and an extensive gin and cocktail menu. On Friday or Saturday, the dancing legs are swung around and on Sunday there are always jazz concerts.

Bar Beton is a pleasant place to work, and on Fridays the place to have an aperitif. You get free snacks with your drink, ideal in summer with their nice terrace.

Another summer spot is Café Merlo. In the summer a lot of people go to their street. A favourite pub for many, with a very long bar to hang out.

Or go to the Laboureur. Great terrace, shrimp croquettes and a fresh pint. That is all it takes.

If you like a fancier café, Café Marcel might be your thing. The decor is Asian-inspired and ideal for a glass (or more) of wine or a cocktail. The place to be for your first date or a nice chat with good friends.

On the canal itself, the Vlaamsepoort, there are also a few places. Café Walvis is ideal for their terrace, good food and great service. Bar du Canal is the place to go for a good glass of natural wine, Mok for coffee from the best Barista, Brussels Bier Project (BBP) for the best IPA. Or maybe you are having a party at the Midpoint, according to many a Brussels gem, especially because of the reception here.


In the afternoon you can go to Le Phare du Kanal. This is a coworking place with a good lunch restaurant. Fair and honest food. At Café Beguin you will find burgers and more exotic dishes.

If you like it a bit more, head for Den Henri. For many people in Brussels, this is their favourite. Don't tell anyone... Cosy, tasty, good service, the best ingredients,... I try to keep it short, but come and discover it for yourself.

Or go to Beaucoup Fish if you want the best fish, Beaucoup Belge for Belgian cuisine in an upgraded jacket. Strofilia is the best Greek in the neighbourhood or even in Brussels. The warm welcome by Stefanos often passes the lips.

Shrimp croquettes, which you eat standing up, can be found at the Noordzee and ABC, near the Monk.

The best ice creams are at Gaston's, where you have to queue up, but it is worth the wait.


Passa Porta is a bookshop with a very wide range of books in Dutch. But also books in French or English. If you have no idea what to read, look for the tips that are posted everywhere or ask the staff. They will certainly be able to help you on your way.

Underwear was one of the first fashion shops in the street here and they are still there. They excel mainly in customer friendliness and knowledge of their "breast business". Lingerie and homewear for those who like it classic or just a bit more extravagant.

And FFCS is a Slovakian who has chosen Brussels after ten years in Berlin. Bojana, the owner, is a fashion designer herself and has her own sustainable collection hanging here. You'll also find other fashion, jewellery, handbags and art, all with an ecological twist.

If you prefer something sweeter, Pipaillon makes its own jam, candied lemon and other fruit and vegetables in jars and preserves. Everything is homemade.

But don't forget to take a walk along Vlaamsesteenweg, Dansaert, Oude Graanmarkt and all the side streets. You will find a lot of nice shops here.


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