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This district is just a stone's throw away from Manneke Pis, but it is nevertheless a neighbourhood where a lot is happening. Nice shops (many gadgets, some graphic art,...), restaurants and cafés.


There are many nice places to eat and drink around here.

Our recommendation: Moeder Lambic

One of the best beer bars in Brussels. Lots of tourists, yes, but also lots of different beers. And the most delicious pottekeis (mix of Brussels cheese and white cheese)!


Au Soleil

The smaller meal can be found at Café Au Soleil. Ideal for a spaghetti.

Another possibility is a bagel at Rachel's. Also in the cafes around here you can often eat something small.

Looking for something more Exotic?

Brazilian > La Cantina ⭐⭐⭐

Here the owner often changes her interior. Always very colourful. And delicious too! In the afternoon you pay what your plate weighs, typically Brazilian.

Ethiopian > Kokob

With pancakes you scoop out a large dish that you can share with a few people.

Or healthy?

Jour de Fête 🥗, at Vivi. You have to walk a bit for this.

Often some sort of "buffet" formula.


Besides a number of gadget and gift shops, you will also find Conni Kaminski, a German fashion designer who has been stranded here for a while. She loves colour and assymetrical models and stands in her shop herself.

Or pop in to Lady Paname, for the better adult work :-).

A little further on you have Smell Stories, a perfume boutique where the fragrances are selected for their story. They are displayed per perfume family, which I personally find a very nice approach.

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